Speedy Locksmiths
How do you choose a Locksmith?

Make sure the locksmith a member of an accredited Australian Locksmith organisation?
                            i.e.  The Locksmiths Guild of Australia   (LGA) or
                                   Master Locksmiths Association of Australia (MLAA). 

Members of these organisations are, inter alia, required to have police clearance and have achieved competence in the trade and are governed by a code of practice.
Ask for a cost estimate over the phone.

A competent locksmith should be able to give a good estimate of the cost of most jobs if they ask the right questions and always confirm the total cost of the job when the locksmith arrives before they start work.
Does the locksmith have a properly signwritten service vehicle and wear a distinctive identifying uniform and identity badge?

Avoid engaging anyone who purports to be a locksmith who cannot identify themselves properly.
Make sure you get a properly itemised invoice/receipt for work done which includes the business name, address and telephone number.

This document is important for any follow-up or warranty claim on the work performed.